What Kind of Writer Are You? Take the Quiz

1. What is your best writing environment?

     a. Loud coffee shop

     b. At home in silence with a beautiful view available

2.  On a Saturday evening do your prefer?

     a. An outing at a local pub with a band

     b. Going to bed at 9 or 10 as usual

3.  How important is sleep to you?

     a. Not that important… I can go on 5 hours every day

     b. Very important…. Don’t interrupt my princess time!

4. Do you prefer?

     a. Dogs

     b. Cats

5. Are you?

     a. Someone who collects stuff

     b. A minimalist



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Quiz Results

For every ‘a’ you chose, give yourself one point.
3-5 Points:  You are definitely a visual writer.  Visual people write by seeing the written word and scene they are writing about, not hearing it.  You usually don’t require structure (an outline) to write but tend to offer your own structure as you write.  You benefit more from prompts and motivation. You need all kinds of stimulation to work.  You can filter sound easily and usually opt for a noisy environment in which to write. You need the arts, people, city and as much culture as you can get for inspiration.
0-2 Points:  You are an auditory writer.  You hear the words as you write them. You need silence or very soft, rhythmic music to write.  Outside noises easily distract you.  You thrive within structure but will change the structure by rebelling and making it all your own.  You write by hearing the words you project onto the page.  You need nature to inspire you and can drum up a book in your head from a sunset or visit to the ocean.  Noisy environments make you crazy and do not inspire you.

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